Board of Directors

The Saskatchewan Craft Council Board of Directors is responsible for the overall governance of the Council. It establishes Council policies and ensures that they are adhered to.

Board members serve a 3 year term and they are chosen on a rotational basis at the SCC’s Annual General Meeting held every spring.


cindyCindy Hoppe, Chair

Term expires: June 2019 | Email:

I am interested in serving on the Craft Council Board because it is at a pivotal time in its history; between the generation that founded it and the new generations of craftspeople looking to it for support and leadership. I am impressed with its progress and outreach and would like to offer my board experience to an organization that is growing and changing.


Elis OneElisabeth Miller, Vice Chair

Term expires: June 2017 | Email:

Elisabeth is a glass artist, a Professional Craftsperson member of the SCC, and has been a member of the Saskatoon Glassworkers’ Guild for the past three years. As a fairly new artist, Elisabeth is excited to improve her understanding of the different aspects of craft administration through her work at the SCC. She has been a longtime member of the Eastside Soccer Association Board, on which she ensured policy was effective in actual practice, and spent much of her time liaising between coaches, players, and the Board. Elisabeth works as a City of Saskatoon Community Planner, which has given her much experience with administration and local government.


Kristina KomendantKristina Komendant

Term expires: June 2018 | Email:

Kristina has been a member of the Craft Council since the 90s. Her craft interest has primarily been in calligraphy and the lettering arts. Bookbinding, paper marbling, and paper making are her other craft interest areas. In the past few years, she has enjoyed creating Artists’ Books, which combine all of the above skill sets to tell a story.

Kristina has volunteered in the past for the Craft Council and feels it’s time again to participate and contribute to its distinctive and continuous journey as it promotes its presence and relevance to the City of Saskatoon, the province of Saskatchewan, and indeed Canada.


davidDavid Freeman, CCF Representative

Term expires: June 2017 | Email:

David Freeman began  playing Guitar in 1970, learning to repair his own instruments in 1974. In 1980 he completed Lutherie Training and began TIMELESS INSTRUMENTS. His Choice to build all-fretted string instruments reflects his interest in multi-media art. His artistic background includes pottery, drawing, sculpture, farming, and raising a family. In 1986 David began teaching a seven week Lutherie Training Course.

Presently, Freeman offers Lutherie Training, Mail-order Lutherie Supplies, and custom-built string instruments for a global cliental through his company Timeless Instruments.

David has served on the SCC board in 2002 to 2004. He has been a Village councilor in Tugaske for one term. David has also sat on the Vocational Schools  Advisory committee  to the ministry of Advanced Education & Immigration.


Travis WiebeTravis Wiebe

Term expires: June 2018 | Email:

My involvement in craft began with my love of guitars. Shortly after I graduated from high school in my hometown of Swift Current I enrolled in David Freeman’s lutherie school, Timeless Instruments. I was immediately drawn to the way that I, as an instrument-maker, was able to shape not only the wood, but the sound it produces as well. When David asked me to consider sitting on the board of the SCC I knew it was a great opportunity to promote excellence in craft and to connect with the wonderful arts community we have in Saskatchewan.


Laura Hosaluk

Term expires: June 2019 | Email:

Laura Hosaluk lives and maintains a studio practice in Saskatoon. Her creative practice spans from painting, land art, ceramics, found objects, bronze casting and furniture making. This versatility enables a variety of expression was fostered through her art education. She began attending at the EMMA International Collaboration in 1992 – in Saskatchewan, at the formative age of nine. She believes the principles that formed the event are capable of innovating how we exchange information and is the future of conferencing and educating.

In 2008, exposure to this creative platform for learning prepared her for her job as Clubhouse Director of Boys and Girls Clubs of Saskatoon and was instrumental in the implementation of a youth art and community project, Youth Leading Youth, educating children about Aboriginal culture through a series of after-school programs. This program continues to be a core program today. Hosaluk also began as Artist in Residence with The Saskatchewan Children’s Festival in 2008, and in the following four years facilitated the completion of an art installation titled the Peace Tree Garden, Celebrating the festivals 25th Anniversary in 2012, which continues to connect children with Hands-on art learning. In 2010, Hosaluk continued her education with the EMMA International Collaboration and became the Lead Organizer until 2014. She is passionate about Collaboration, not only in experiential learning but for community growth and is invested in spreading the EMMA collaborative spirit across the world.

In 2015 Laura returned to the Boys and Girls Clubs as acting Educational Manager serving inner city youth through the Core Neighbourhood Youth Co-op, (CNYC) was recognized by the Government of Saskatchewan Minister of Economic and Co-operative Development, as being a model for other communities in developing alternative economic development for inner city communities.  Her own experience in learning in a classroom setting along with traditional apprenticeship, learning hands on, has her understand the importance of the two distinct learning styles.

Hosaluk’s work is in the permanent collection at the Madison Children’s Museum, WI, USA. Slate Fine Arts Gallery in Regina, SK represents her work. In the summer of 2016 she attended MIT in Boston, MA, to further research ‘Creativity in the World’ with Erik  Demaine; professor of Computer Science and Martin Demaine; Artist in Residence.

Here she presented ideas and benefits on collaboration as a model for empowering student centered learning.


Lori Steward

Term expires: June 2019 | Email:


Paul Lapointe

Term expires: June 2018 | Email:

I first became associated with the Saskatchewan Craft Council in 1977. I marketed my work at the Battleford Handcraft Festival, at Waterfront, and Wintergreen. I have exhibited at the Gallery and market through the Boutique. In 1979 and in 2011 I adjudicated for the Dimensions Awards. I have worked full time as an artist since 1971 in a number of artistic disciplines and continue to do so. I have a home and studios on a river lot near Batoche, SK.  

Earl Eidem

Term expires: June 2017 | Email:

As my business life was winding down, I felt the need to be creative, to become a maker. As I have always enjoyed wood, and made my first bowl in Grade 12, I was eventually drawn to woodturning. From my association with other turners, I became aware of the SCC and it’s place in the Saskatchewan arts community. When asked to become a board member, I quickly volunteered. This is a very dynamic organization that fills a real need in our community.

I live in Saskatoon and have a small shop in my garage.